I am a long-standing member of SCBWI and regularly attend writing and illustrating critique groups and workshops. I have dozens of stories, concepts, and characters in development. Below is a sampling of those intellectual properties in various stages of production: dummy book, character design, and some still in manuscript stage. I would love to be represented by an agent who can complement my efforts.

Fight, Chessmen, Fight!

With medieval flair, the valiant chess pieces gamble for victory or the grave in this re-enchantment of the actual “Chess Game of the Century''

Bubble Ducky Cries in Class

Bubble bursts with bravery on her first day of school. She’ll never cry in class! When homesickness hits and her courage fails, she must find her way to stay afloat.

Big Brother

Buddy understands so much about his world, but not what “new baby” means. He must solve the mystery before the baby comes and makes Buddy an official big brother.

Gwen and Tempus - The Time Machine Saga

In 3009, two years after a deadly meteor storm, Gwen feels as if she is spiraling into an emotional black hole. With the help of Tempus and the Time Machine, she must venture further into the dark to find the light.